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How our Hijama service could help you

From Abu Huraira who said: The Messenger of Allaah said: ‘Whoever has Hijaama on the 17th, 19th and 21st then it is a cure for every illness





[Collected by Abu Daawood and Bayhaaqi and Tabraani see: Silsilah Saheehah No. 908 and Silsilah Daeefah’ No.1863 -1864]

Welcome to our female-only Hijama & natural therapy clinic based in Handsworth Birmingham. We specialise in Islamic prophetic medicine and holistic alternative medicine.

Cupping device

                          Step into your world of Health 


Hijama reduces stress and depression by releasing chemicals in the brain.

Improves physical and mental health conditions;

Allows tissues to release toxins by eliminating them through the surface of the skin;

Stimulates and strengthens the immune system;

Enhances blood circulation;

Neck and shoulder pain;

Migraine headaches, Stress, Anxiety, Brain fog

Upper and lower back pain;

Sciatica, Hip pain, Sports injuries, joint pain, Arthritis;

High blood pressure, Hyper / Hypo -Thyroidism, Fibromyalgia;


Are carried out by fully certified female practitioners 

Most popular services

Hijama (Cupping) Sunnah - £35
This is the most practised and favoured method amongst our patients and early medical practitioners. Wet cupping involves extracting small amounts of blood and tissue fluids mixed with potentially harmful substances from the body (consider it to work as an artificial kidney). This detox treatment gives a longer-lasting relief and works towards restoring homeostasis (balance) within the body. Wet cupping is commonly used for aches and pains, High BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Depression, Anxiety, Migraines, IBS, Fertility, Boosting the immune system, PMS and much more.
Sessions last 45 mintues.

A pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears. Hopi Ear Candles are often used to help remove excess wax relieve blocked sinuses and are wonderfully relaxing. 15-20 minutes of treatment. 

Only a suction stimulation is applied to the body. Dry cupping enhances blood flow to the cupped area and also improves the blood circulation. Dry cupping is ideal for weak or elderly individuals.

Treatment usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Moving cupping massage - £25

30-40 minutes of a specialised treatment that has a deeper effect than traditional hand massage. Massage cupping is ideal for relaxing and loosening muscle tension, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Massage Cupping is also effective for treating the appearance of cellulite. 

Group Hijama Up to £115

This is a 4-hour treatment for 4 people on 5 Sunnah points who book together as a group booking.

Best suited for families looking to take the next step towards their health.

Facial cupping aims to give you plumped, contoured, lifted, and firmer skin over time. The cupping helps with blood flow and encourages cell turnover, which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. , which includes 45 Minutes of treatment.

Herbal Consultation

Take advantage of our convenient Hijama on-demand service that allows you to get your regular treatments from the comfort of your home*



*Select areas may have an additional charge to cover travel costs

Our Clinic is based in Birmingham Handsworth (10 minutes from the City Centre)

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