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Calcium Bentonite, also known as Fullers Earth is an absorbent clay, the main ingredient of which is Montmorillonite, a soft silicate product.

In the UK Fullers Earth is Calcium Bentonite, not Sodium Bentonite.

Calcium Bentonite is a fine pale brown/beige powder with amazing absorption properties, including the absorption of oil based properties.

Mostly used as a face mask it is heralded for its skin revival properties due to its mineral properties. Bentonite clays also aid the balancing of the skins moisture levels. it helps improve blood circulation which encourages the rejuvenation, removes toxins and leaves skin silky and smooth.

To make a face mask take 3-4 teaspoons of Fullers Earth powder and add just enough water to make a smooth paste, apply to the skin taking care not to cover the immediate eye area and leave to dry for aprox 15-20 minutes, then remove by washing off with warm water. Use a similar mix to treat nappy rash but leave on for aprox 5-10 minutes before washing off in the same way as above.

Can also be used as a compress to relieve insect bites, burns and most other skin irritations.

For external use only, do not ingest

Store in a cool, dry place

Do not use on broken skin

Keep out of reach of children

Bentonite Clay, Natural Very Fine Powder 200Grm

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