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Let's talk about your health

Hijama World was created to help our clients with their health challenges, so we know how you're feeling. Book your free consultation with our experts.

Figure out your next step with a free call

Your free phone consultation -how it works

We’re here to educate you, so you know where to start. If we feel that Hijama World isn’t the best choice for you, we’ll refer you to other experts who may help.

Most of our clients have been to see their local GP as a first port of call. They’re now hoping to understand what’s contributing to their symptoms either from an alternative health view or an Islamic view. Most of all, they want to know how they can feel better.

Our team will start by getting to know you. What are your symptoms? When did they start? What have you tried so far?

After this, we’ll help you to understand the workings of the autonomic nervous system and the link dysfunction and other symptoms. If we feel that treatment would help you, we’ll make a recommendation. If a Hijama World treatment isn’t right for you, we’ll equip you with enough information to start your journey back to health.




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