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 Cupping or Hijama has numerous health benefits. It can often be the cure for many health conditions including depression. It is a non-invasive therapy treatment which can help revitalise the body and mind and also help with leading a healthier lifestyle.

What to expect from your Cupping treatment and

What it Involves

During your first cupping session, our experienced Practitioner will go through a health assessment and find out from you, the patient, what you hope to achieve through cupping. Once this has been established, the practitioner being your treatment.

Your practitioner will sterilise and apply black-seed oil to the targeted areas, then placing suction cups on the required areas of your body for treatment.

You may feel a painless pressure sensation, this is due to the cups pulling the skin and encourage the blood flow to the targeted areas of your body.

Once there is enough blood flow the cups will be removed and small incisions will be made. This will feel like a slight baby scratch. The cups will be replaced on the area and the suction will start to draw out the toxic blood. The whole process takes around 30-45 mins and after the session, you will feel re-energised and on your way to becoming a healthier person.

Cupping is designed to be pain-free

Many patients see remarkable improvements in general health

Completely non-invasive

Cupping removes toxins from your body

No long term visible scars from cupping

Can be used as part of a healthier lifestyle