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Moving Cup Massage

Moving Cupping Massage: Deep Relaxation, Enhanced Circulation

  • 45 min
  • 40 British pounds
  • HijamaWorld Clinic

Service Description

Moving cupping massage is a specialised technique that offers deeper muscle stimulation than traditional hand massage. Here's what you need to know about this service: The Process During a moving cupping massage, we apply cups to your skin and move them around in a massage-like motion. This process helps stimulate your muscles and improve circulation. The Benefits Moving cupping massage offers a range of benefits, including: Muscle Relaxation: The suction from the cups can help relax tense muscles, providing relief from muscle stiffness and discomfort. Improved Circulation: Moving cupping massage can enhance blood circulation, promoting healthier skin and muscle tissue. Lymphatic Drainage: This treatment can stimulate your lymphatic system, helping your body remove toxins more effectively. Cellulite Appearance: Many people find that moving cupping massage helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. In addition, moving cupping massage can also: Promote Healing: By improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, moving cupping massage can promote faster healing of injuries. Enhance Skin Health: The improved blood flow can lead to healthier, more vibrant skin. Promote Relaxation: The massage-like motion of the cups can create a deeply relaxing experience.

Cancellation Policy

No refund will be given if cancellation occurs

Contact Details

  • 93 Murdock Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, UK

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