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Dry Cupping Therapy (non-invasive)

Dry Cupping: Revitalise Your Body, Alleviate Your Pain

  • 20 min
  • 35 British pounds
  • HijamaWorld Clinic

Service Description

Dry cupping is a non-invasive therapy that uses suction to stimulate healing and reduce pain. Here's what you need to know about this service: The Process During a dry cupping session, we apply cups to your skin for about 10 minutes to create suction. Unlike wet cupping, dry cupping doesn't involve any incisions. The suction enhances blood flow to the cupped area and improves overall circulation, making it an effective treatment for various conditions. The Benefits Dry cupping can be used to manage a variety of conditions, including: Muscle Pain and Tension: The suction from the cups can help relax tense muscles and alleviate pain. Reduced Joint Movement: By improving circulation, dry cupping can help enhance joint mobility. Headaches: Many people find relief from chronic headaches after dry cupping therapy. Back Pain and Sciatica: Dry cupping can help manage the symptoms of back pain and sciatica. Stress and Anxiety: The relaxing nature of dry cupping therapy can help reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, dry cupping can aid in the healing of soft tissue injuries and reduce discomfort by: Increasing localized circulation Enhancing oxygenation and nutrient content within the tissue Removing stagnant blood and waste products Re-initiating the healing process in areas of micro-trauma Stretching fascia and connective tissue, leading to a relaxation response Dry cupping is considered to be significantly more effective than acupuncture in warming the organs and improving blood circulation.

Cancellation Policy

No refund will be given if cancellation occurs

Contact Details

  • 93 Murdock Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, UK


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